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Graduating from Depot

"I bought a plate for my son’s graduation. It is truly a work of art and he really appreciated it. He especially liked the fact that his name and regimental number were on the frame. Bonnie was very helpful throughout the whole process and it was a pleasure to deal with her. She even called after the graduation to see if it had arrived safely and on time. I had the plate sent right to Depot so he would receive it on his graduation day and it worked beautifully. Thanks again Bonnie!"
Dorothy N.

"The RCMP Crest plate by Bonnie Saunders is a very unique addition to The RCMP Foundation’s licensing program.  The distinctive crackle pattern adds a vintage appeal to the RCMP Crest.  This plate makes a great gift for any current or retired RCMP member or any one looking for a true Canadiana Collectable."
The RCMP Foundation

Toronto Pearson Fire & Emergency Services

Thank you for reaching out to me regarding your beautiful plates. I think they are amazing keepsakes and I am sure that many current and retired members would like the opportunity to have one in their homes. It is my pleasure to allow you to use the crest for any member, Past and Present of Toronto Pearson Fire and Emergency Services.

Dwayne MacIntosh, GIFireE, C.D, CFSI

Fire Chief

Toronto Pearson Fire and Emergency Services


"I purchased this exquiste gift for my husband for Father's Day this past year. The kids loved giving it and my husband was throughly surprised at receiving it. Thanks to Bonnie's fantastic advise, not only was Happy Father's Day 2010 Cpl Kevin Elliott was his reg. number! I didn't think of having it put on but as Bonnie mentioned this is indeed a beautiful keepsake that can be passed down and well worth putting on for no extra cost.  I was well amazed by the careful packaging and care that went in to mailing it too me. Thanks Bonnie. What a beautiful heirloom this is going to be."
Wilma Elliott

"Hi Bonnie,
Just to let you know that I received the plate yesterday - EXCELLENT would be one word to describe it. Beautiful, beautiful work!  You certainly have talent!  I am forwarding some photos of the plate to a few friends who might not have seen this gem but might be interested in ordering one for their home.  All the best for the New Year (somewhat belated) and thanks again."
Claude Aubin
"While browsing the internet, I ran across Bonnie's website showing a plate bearing the RCMP Crest.  I was impressed and decided that I must have one.  I ordered one and when it arrived, I was even more impressed.  The plate is beautiful, with my name engraved on a plaque attached to the frame.  It is truly a work of art which I am pleased to add to my RCMP Crest and Badge collection.
I must add, that Bonnie is a delightful, professional person to do business with.  I also arranged with her to have a plate made for our son, who is in the Canadian Forces, bearing his Corps Crest.  It made a beautiful Chirstmas gift."
Bill Becker, RCMP Veteran


"I was recently transferred from "E" Division Human Resources to the Change Management Team in Ottawa.  My corporal gave me one of these decorative plates on behalf of my team and it really is an incredible gift.  I have it hung up at home and I almost think I should retire now;  I doubt I will get anything this nice at the end of my service!" 
Brad Edwards, Cst.
NHQ Human Resources

"The RCMP Crest Plate crafted by Bonnie Saunders was given to on of my unit's team members when he was transferred.  He absolutely loved it!  I was looking for something special to present to him and I certainly fount it.  Any member would be proud to receive it."
Cpl. Brenda L. Marshall
"E" Division"

"I was recently responsible for organizing a party for a public servant who had been the office manager at the local RCMP Detachment for nearly 35 years. In searching for gifts for this dedicated woman, I discovered Bonnie's website and was immediately impressed with the workmanship and beauty of the RCMP Crestplate, well mounted in the shadow-box. I contacted Bonnie and ordered the plate complete with the inscribed plaque. The contact process was easy and friendly and when arrangements were made, the plate was delivered, extremely well packed and delivery was fast.

The Plate was instantly extremely popular with the many retired members that viewed it at the retirement function.  It has become an instant family heirloom and has assumed a prominent place in the home of the retiree.  I would highly recommend it as an appropriate and collectable retirement gift for any RCMP member or as in this case, a long-serving public servant.  It is spectacularly crafted by a wonderful artisan."
Tom Boyle
Gimli, Manitoba
RCMP Retired

"I have just retired from the R.C.M.P. and purchased this fine plate from Bonnie Saunders. The workmanship that has gone into the creation of this unique piece is quite remarkable. Bonnie is not only a terrific artistan but is also a terrific person.  She is very friendly and all correspondence with her has been very positive. The piece was shipped in a very professional and caring manner and arrived at my residence without problem. I am so happy and proud of my plate and I would recommend to all as a gift for any occassion. Thank you Bonnie for your talent and a meaningful piece that I will be proud to display forever!"  
Mo Carey, Sgt. (Retired)
"O" DIVISION  Kitchener, Ontario


"I have purchased an RCMP Crest Plate from Bonnie and she was very efficient and professional in dealing with the order.  I received it in perfect condition and it has a prominent location within my living room, and enhances the other  items I have collected during my service with the Force.  Thanks again Bonnie."
John F. Baker - Investigator --
"0" Div. RCMP Central Recruiting


"We purchased one of the RCMP Crest Plates for a friend that was graduating from Depot. It made a personable gift that will be treasured forever. The craftmanship is amazing and Bonnie was very accommodating.  The plate was received in a timely fashion.  Thank you Bonnie!"
Ellen Simpson MacEwen

"Hey everyone!!
I just thought I would provide a testimony to tell you all that these plates are awesome!!  My boyfriend and roommate are both Vets and I got each one of them a plate (Lord Strathcona's Horse) and I have to say that the look on their faces when I gave them the plates - way well worth it!!  The plates are beautiful!!  When you open the package, you can automatically tell that Bonnie has put a lot of time and love into each plate.  Bonnie is an extremely talented woman and I would suggest these plates for anyone that has served or is serving in the CF or RCMP. It's a great keepsake for them and these plates are truly timeless.  Bonnie is doing a great service to the men and women that defend this country by recognizing their sacrifice with these timeless and beautiful keepsakes!!"
Rheanna Wallace